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We are no longer pollinating conventionally farmed products due to losses from pesticides/fungicides. We will bring hives to crops where there is a firm, written commitment not to spray with ANYTHING while our bees are in your fields.
We guarantee  6 frames of brood and 8 frames of bees in growing hives . Several studies indicate that growing hives are better pollinators than mature hives. We recommend at least 1.5 hives per acre for successful pollination.
Our bees are very low in mites and virus counts. Studies have shown that hives that are low in each are better pollinators. We are reasonably priced and feel that every $you spend on pollination will be returned many times in the quantity and quality of your crop.
We are writing contracts for next year and recommend an early commitment on your part if you are interested, since there will be a limited supply of hives available each year. We have no hives available for 2014. Thank you for your business and interest.
As an added , growers who use our pollination services receive first access to our unheated, unfiltered honey for sale at your farm or farm stand.
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